Our Mission

Share the Light Inc. is designed to help families and Veterans residing in Riverside and Orange Counties. We work with local churches, schools and community service agencies that help us comprise a list of names of individuals and families that are at the utmost need for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The question may arise of why? Why does Share the Light Inc. help these particular individuals and families? We believe that everyone has had a time in their life where they may have struggled financially and just simply striving to make ends meet.  Therefore, our goal is to reach out to those hard-working individuals and families and bestow them with an inspiration of hope and a genuine reason to be thankful this holiday season!

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Share the Light Inc.'s mission is to supply turkey dinner packages filled with all the necessary food items to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner in the comfort of your own home.  We provide the turkey dinner packages to families and veterans in need during the Thanksgiving holiday.

We work with local churches, schools and community services agencies in Riverside and Orange Counties. 

Our dinner packages include one frozen turkey, stuffing, potatoes and vegetables.  One turkey dinner package can feed up to a family of five and they are distributed the Tuesday before Thanksgiving  just in time for everyone to enjoy for the Thanksgiving holiday!